In 2015, Philips Hue decided that online communication with customers needed to be different. Until then, questions were mainly answered by the developers. But customers want a better customer experience. The communication had to be more human. Philips Hue was looking for a link between product and customer. On the one hand, it helps customers to make the best use of the products, on the other hand the information from those conversations can be used to provide the developers with valuable feedback.


global customer interactions monthly > 10.000
answered within an hour 88,9%


RIFF helps Philips Hue to speak with customers on social media, day and night. We answer the most diverse questions, give advice and help with making purchases. And that’s not all. RIFF helps Philips Hue to hear the voice of the customer and understand what they want when updating the app that comes with the lighting. We make it possible to learn from the feedback that customers give.

RIFF can directly participate in a sprint to benefit from product updates, so that the solution can be developed quickly. As a result, we are more than an organization that handles customer contact on social media: we are an important partner that continuously provides input for product development and customer experience.

Digital engagement strategy
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For us, the cooperation with RIFF is important in order to really put the customer first. We can act quickly 24/7 on the questions and findings of the Philips Hue users.
Jeroen Marttin Customer Care Manager Philips Hue
Jeroen Marttin