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About RIFF

RIFF is a digital full-service agency specialized in providing solutions and services for the entire digital customer journey. We help your company with all issues for your own customers. You can contact us for help with digital strategy, online marketing and content, or for customer service and customer contact via various channels, both before, during and after the purchase.


RIFF is an official partner of all major players that determine the digital landscape. In this way you are always one of the first to have access to all new technologies and applications, such as Google, Salesforce, WordPress, Adchieve, Facebook, Sprinkler.


Our employees are practical and proactive. Based on a solid strategy, we will quickly take all necessary steps and actions. We understand better than anyone that every organization must benefit directly from our work. We join forces of leading parties in the field of content, marketing, technology and online customer service & customer engagement.
We make digital communication human with our own omnichannel customer contact center, webinar studio and eye-tracking lab.


RIFF is an international digital company with Dutch roots, based in Amsterdam (HQ EMEA), Singapore (HQ APAC), Den Bosch and Jakarta.

Our 300 employees work with a lot of passion and energy for our customers from SMEs to multinationals, from local to international.

We do this from our vision: Be digital, stay human.

Bert van der Schelde
Tobias Walraven
RIFF, striking the right chord

Riff is a concept from the music world. A short, tough name. A riff is in fact a basic rhythmic pattern that is constantly reflected in a composition. The foundation of a melody. In fact, a riff forms the algorithm that determines the speed of the entire composition. And through the proven RIFF algorithm, we help organizations optimize every step of their digital customer journey. A matter of always striking the right chord with the end customer.


Amsterdam - HQ EMEA

Joan Muyskenweg 22
1096 CJ, Amsterdam


Larenweg 24
5234 KA, ‘s-Hertogenbosch

Singapore HQ APAC

High Street Centre #08-08
1 North Bridge Road, Singapore 179094
+6565506314 Tower 25th



Multivision Tower 25th Floor
Jl. Kuningan Mulia Lot 9B, Menteng, Jakarta 12980