McDonald’s wants to expand its social channels: extended opening hours and more flexibility. A complicating factor, in this regard, is that there can be four levels of engagement from McDonald’s: from the brand, from McDonald’s Nederland, and, with regard to providing the products, from both the franchise holders and the locations.


Hours of Social Engagement per week 152
Received messages 500.000
Reply rate < 60 minutes 86%


The RIFF team knows how to turn social listening into opportunities. In addition, it protects the reputation of McDonald's by monitoring subjects that may damage its reputation. By having a short line of communication with the McDonald's headquarters, severe damages to the brand are prevented and limited.

The RIFF staff members know the new items in the McDonald's range of products. This way, they will better understand why McFans visit the McDonald's social media in the event of complaints as well as compliments.

Digital Engagement
Social Media Monitoring
McDonald’s 3
With RIFF we can make the slogan 'always open for good times' come true for our fans and guests in a professional way.
Eunice Koekkoek Corporate Communications Manager McDonald’s Nederland
Eunice Koekkoek