Prominent wanted to strengthen the position of its digital platform and improve it. The organization itself had to get acquainted with the online store and omnichannel strategy. Besides this, Prominent asked RIFF to make collaboration contracts with resellers and product aggregators. Through SEA and display, Prominent wanted their marketing channels to connect with the new platform.


Increase of gross revenue a month in the first year 82%
User stories delivered each month 20


Initially, the assignment was to upgrade the current website, through the realization of a new e-commerce platform for products from a specific segment. But soon, the scope was increased; the entire website was taken offline and had to be built from scratch.

RIFF works at Prominent’s targets in phases: first more conversion to the online store, then optimal lead generation.

E-Commerce Development
UX Design
At RIFF, they know how to tackle things. No making things more difficult than necessary, and thinking in solutions immediately. This way, you connect with each other swiftly.
Maarten Bos E-commerce Marketeer Prominent
Maarten Bos