‘Customising really starts to be become fun when there are a million options’, was the opinion of Dorel Juvenile, the producer of the Maxi-Cosi. Quinny is one of the companies that also belongs to the Dorel Group. Dorel Juvenile asked RIFF to make configurator for Quinny’s Zapp buggies. There may not have been a million options, but it was still an incredible amount.


Hours of development 1.400
Number of options with configurator 184.320


The configurator was built in Magento and integrated with Quinny’s own CMS Sitecore. With this, the customer can customise his own buggy completely. Short, clear descriptions immediately point out what the difference in options is. The price changes along with each alteration or addition.

Chosen options are made visible instantly, and can be seen in a 360 degree view. For that, we have collaborated with our external partner Magic. They made the 3D models that RIFF subsequently integrated into the configurator.

E-Commerce Development
Quinny 2
Quinny 2
We have achieved the ambition to offer a complete online customisation of perambulators through an intense collaboration with Quinny’s domain experts and the efforts of our specialists so succesfully that we won a prize for it.
Roland van Gogh Manager Operations RIFF
Roland van Gogh