Digital Marketing

We make sure that organisations and their audiences find and know each other. Digital marketing boosts results. RIFF provides successful search engine marketing, digital marketing, online advertising, or content marketing.


Digital Marketing Strategy

Our digital marketing strategy team researches the personal interests and relevant interaction, so your clients and prospects will only have enjoyable experiences during their consumer journey.
  • Digital Marketing Workshop
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Digital Marketing Roadmap
  • Customer Journey Mapping

Email Marketing

By sending and receiving relevant and personalised emails and campaigns, RIFF makes sure that your clients and prospects feel that you know them and that they are special to you.
  • Email Marketing Plan
  • Email Content Creatie
  • Email Optimalisatie
  • Set-up & Execute E-mail Campagnes
  • Design & HTML Templates
  • Loyalty Marketing
  • Tool Selection


RIFF takes care of your maximised visibility for your clients and prospects. At any place and at any time, regardless of how and from which device they search.
  • Technical Structure & Set-up
  • Internationalisation
  • Content Analyse
  • Keyword (topic) Research
  • Linkbuilding
  • Local Online Marketing
  • Copywriting

Digital Advertising

RIFF makes online marketing easy. We will get you at the top of each list. Through paid search and social advertising, you will get valuable attention from the consumer. This is how we help hundreds of companies to grow their business, every single day.
  • Digital Advertising Strategie
  • Brand Advertising
  • DoubleClick Programmatic
  • Adchieve Campagne Set-Up
  • Automation Scripts
  • Advertising External Marketplaces
  • Display Advertising
  • Google Adwords
  • Google Shopping

Social media marketing

Social media can be used to access people. RIFF helps you to utilise this accessibility for credible, authentic relations with consumers.
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Organical Social media
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Social Media Campaigning

Content marketing

Powerful content and the right tone of voice will draw at the heartstrings of your clients and prospects. RIFF creates unique, excellent content that has value for clients and prospects. Content that converts for you.
  • Content Strategy
  • Concept Development
  • Content Quickscan
  • Creative Workshops
  • Content Calendar
  • Publising & PR Support
  • Blogging

Video marketing

Writing a blog is no longer enough. A video is one of the content marketing tools which gives the highest return. The RIFF video marketing team is top notch and helps you to create catchy, high conversion strategies.
  • Video Marketing Strategy
  • Video Advertising
  • YouTube Analysis
  • Video & Data Analysis


For a good customer experience, user-friendliness is everything. RIFF researches and optimises your digital interaction with consumers.
  • Usability Testen
  • Usability Expert Review
  • Onsite Surveys
  • In- depth interviews
  • Cardsorting & Treetesting
  • Clickmaps & Heatmaps
  • AB testing
  • Eyetracking
  • Wireframing

Data Analyses

We believe in data driven marketing with a human touch. Through collecting and analyzing data we help you generate more business and achieve crystal clear results.
  • Conversion attribution
  • Cross device & cross platform tracking
  • Dashboarding
  • Digital analytics
  • Enhanced e-commerce tracking
  • Tool implementation