Email marketing: the ‘rescue’ for abandonment shopping carts

Daniëlle Groeneveld
Every online shop knows this issue: a full shopping cart online, but the final step to conversion is difficult. Do you want to gain more sales? In this blog we will give you several tips for abandoned shopping cart emails.

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1: Sent emails at the right time

What is the best moment to send out the first email, when you find out there are still items in the shopping cart? Research from Hubspot shows that in general the first email is send out after 1 to 3 hours. Successful campaigns exist of three emails: one within 3 hours, one within 24 hours and one within 2 weeks. The best time to send out these emails is different for every company, therefore A/B testing is essential.

2: Use a subject line that attracts attention

You only have a few words to make sure that someone opens an email. How do you make sure people notice you inside a full inbox? We will share a few examples that work well for abandoned shopping cart emails:

  • Did you forget to finish your order?
  • There are still some items left in your cart! Continue shopping now
  • We still have (name of the product) in your shopping basket
  • (First name), your (name of the product) is still in your shopping basket
  • (Company name), we saved your (name of the product)

Do you have data available such as someone’s first name or the (category) name of the product? Then use this to personalize the email. The more personalized the email is, the better it will convert.

3: Think about the approach of the email

Think about the reason why someone left their order in the shopping basket in the first place and use this information. These are possible reasons why someone has not completed their order:

  • Someone is not ready to order: maybe there are doubts about the color, the price or the size. Make sure you add some kind of urgency in the email, that gives someone a final ‘push’ to complete the order. An example of this is a live countdown timer in the email
  • The product is not entirely what they are looking for: evade this ‘problem’ by offering alternative or matching products
  • Costs that you did not expect during the order process: sometimes you come across unpleasant surprises, such as high sending costs or long delivery times. Prevent these disappointments by clear communication in the emails

4: Essential elements for a shopping cart reminder

Besides a perfect timing, an attractive subject line and thinking about the approach of an email, there are some other things that are important for the perfect shopping cart email:

  • Add an image of the product that is left in the shopping cart
  • Give a discount: it is not necessary, but no shipping costs or a small discount that will give someone the final push to convert. Don’t use this technique inmediately, but in the third email. Otherwise customers will get used to the idea of a discount when they do not directly finish their order
  • Offer someone other possibilities to convert, for example by offering alternative products. An extra chance for reach more sales!
  • Create a prominent call-to-action in the email: ‘finish your order’, ‘continue shopping’ or ‘order now’, there should be a button where people can click on to go directly to their shopping cart on the website

Examples of campaigns

Are you curious how other companies use this? Below we will show you several good examples of the online shops ASICS, MCM and Ralph Lauren.

ASICS: Still thinking about it?

The abandoned shopping cart campaign of ASICS focusses well on feelings: am I still thinking about these running shoes? They directly offer me the possibility to finish my order. Besides that they are also communicating the advantage of free shipping costs.

MCM: You left something behind

Simple but great: that is the shopping cart email of MCM. You see an overview of the products you left in your shopping cart, with below two concrete call-to-actions: finish the order or change the order.

Ralph Lauren: Forget something?

Ralph Lauren also knows how to work with abandoned shopping cart campaigns. A strong title? Yes! An image of the product? Check! Besides that there are also two buttons to complete the order and recommended products that are also interesting.

Use those quick wins

With email marketing campaigns you can create better conversion rates for your online shop. Also when visitors already left your website. So, start working with these campaigns and give potential customers a subtle push towards a conversion!