Why is it useful to gather reviews for B2B?

Ineke Waas
For one of our clients (DCP) we are currently developing a new website. One of the things on our list originally was adding reviews, from a review website such as Feedback Company or Trustpilot. Our client does not enjoy receiving emails with the question to leave a review. Because of this, the client was thinking about not implementing reviews on the website. This made me think. Why is it useful to gather reviews, from a B2B point of view?

Addition to case studies

A lot of B2B websites contain case studies, experiences, references or similar content on their website. These reviews show how you work and the experience of customers. But, these have a different goal than customer reviews. Case studies are used to dig deeper in what your company offers, it is more like a business case.

Reviews have a different goal: it is an independent rating of a company, a personal experience from a client’s point of view. Visitors are aware that case studies mostly only show the positive stories. Ratings in reviews are more trustworthy and easier and quicker to read. Besides that, they are very useful to convince potential new customers. Especially young people base their decisions more and more on this kind of user generated content.

Boost for the CTR in Google

We all know them: the orange review stars in Google, showing up with a search result or ad. Not only, you have a bigger space in Google, but you also directly show a positive image of your company. With the trust created by the review stars, more people will visit your website.

Additional moment of contact with the client

It is true that our inbox is filled with review emails, the moment you buy something. Nowadays we do not only see this ‘private’, but also more for business. So you are one of the many companies that is asking something in the inbox.

You can also look at a different angle for reviews. Don’t ask the client directly to leave a review, but instead ask them if you can help them out with something. This way, you come in contact with the client and you built a better relationship. After this you will ask them the question to leave a review.

Source of information

Feedback that your clients leave behind is very valuable. This can be a review with things that did not go well. But when you use a different angle for the questions and for example ask the question how they use the product, then things come up where you did not think about beforehand. Use this information to adjust your offer, or your way of communicating.

Do you want to know more about gathering reviews? Then contact one of our specialists. We are happy to help you out with all your questions about online marketing!