YouTube Premium now available in the Netherlands

Piet Penninx
On Wednesday 29 August, YouTube Premium was made available in the Benelux. Premium users can get access to an ad-free platform with a number of interesting extras for a fixed monthly fee. This development means that brands will be faced with new challenges. This article will introduce and explain some of the new challenges and opportunities.

YouTube Premium

Since Wednesday 29 August, users in the Benelux can now become paid YouTube members, giving them access to two ad-free YouTube platforms: YouTube Music Premium  and YouTube Premium. With a Premium account, you will also be able to watch videos offline, which is a major move towards making YouTube videos more accessible.

Competition with Netflix and Spotify

With the advent of Premium, YouTube has started competing with both Netflix and Spotify, because in addition to YouTube Music, you also get access to YouTube Originals. This service lets you watch the latest original series & movies produced by YouTube stars. Netflix committed to a similar investment when it decided to start producing its own hit series and movies. It’s interesting to see how the producer market has started shifting to an online environment.

Marketing consequences

YouTube’s introduction of an ad-free platform obviously has consequences for advertising revenue. Brands will simply have to be more creative with their marketing budget. It is best to spread your profit opportunities and ensure that your video ads will also be visible on other social media channels, such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Your target audience uses various platforms anyway, which means we will always recommend that you share your message far and wide. The development of ad-free platforms also makes it clear that organic findability is becoming increasingly important. With that in mind, make sure to optimise your YouTube channel, featuring the right content and a clear story.

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