Video SEO: embedding of videos to make your website rank better

Piet Penninx
Recently I have written a few articles about hosting onsite videos and offsite videos. After reading these articles, one of our clients asked me the following question:  “does the embedding of videos on your website result in better ranking pages?” A good reason for a small research.

With the help of a colleague we were able to conduct a small research for one of our clients with a local case. With offices throughout the entire country, they wanted to improve their local visibility. Our planning was to improve the local pages. Because there is very little research about this subject, we wanted to use this opportunity to start a research.

The research

In our research we looked at the location pages with and without embedded YouTube videos. We did not choose to monitor the rankings, because the approach of the pages is more towards branding. So potentially we would rank on a lot of search terms. By looking at the total amount of organic traffic we are neglecting the details and we are only focusing on the amount of visitors that the pages are receiving. The pages with video are compared to the pages without video, during a period of two months. You can see the results below:


By comparing these two months, we noticed an average increase of organic traffic of 26,94% for pages without a video, compared to an average increase of organic traffic of 81,91% for pages with a video.

Sidemarks of the research

Because the research only took place during a short amount of time, the data is too limited for statistical significance. But, since the differences are so far apart, our conclusion is still very reasonable. It is also difficult to compare the cities to each other, but since the layout is fairly identical and the video is the only big difference, we were able to draw conclusions.

Besides that, for some cities there is no clear explanation for the data that we found. For example when looking at Breda, the traffic stayed the same. For Venlo and Sittard we noticed that the data is similar to the growth when embedding videos. It could be the case that some locations used local campaigns at that time, which caused a growth of organic traffic.

We will start a bigger research soon, so we can use statistics to prove our research even more. Keep an eye on the RIFF blog!