RIFF provides full customer contact services for Schiphol Airport

With an entirely new omni-channel approach that meets the customer’s ever-changing needs

Schiphol Airport has the ambition to provide better and more efficient support for all passengers having questions or difficulties. To fulfil this ambition, RIFF has opened a completely new customer support center in the Netherlands, commissioned by Schiphol. From this location RIFF will provide all the daily customer contact with a team over of over 100 agents, across all digital and direct contact channels as well as on-site with a specially trained team. In collaboration with Schiphol, the customer experience will be monitored continuously to optimize the provided services to the passengers.

Personal self-service information points

One of the cornerstones of the new approach is reinforcing personal contact between the airport and its passengers, to meet the increased demand for digitization. In addition to providing information via the usual channels, including telephone, e-mail and various social media, there are now multiple self-service information points at the airport. These information points are scattered across the terminal and let passengers find their flight information, consult maps and view frequently asked questions and answers. Remarkably, passengers can also use video calls to communicate directly with an employee at these information points, and if necessary, a Mobile Personal Agent (MPA) will help passengers on the spot.



First results

Tobias Walraven (RIFF CEO): “Implementing a true omni-channel approach is definitely a huge challenge, especially for an organization as large as Schiphol. To be successful, a project of this size requires good partners and teamwork, especially with the technology parties that helped us throughout this project: Salesforce, NewVoiceMedia, Gen25, 24Sessions and Digital Genius. Though we have only been ‘in the air’ for a limited amount of time, we have already achieved major results: our Schiphol Customer Contact Centre recently received a phone call from a man, because his father from Lagos had missed his flight from Schiphol, could not be reached and had possibly forgotten to take his medication. His father’s next flight would depart at 7 am the next morning. Our MPA went looking for the father and it wasn’t long before they could tell his son, live via the chat, that they had found his father. The next morning, our MPA escorted the father to his flight in time”.