What once started as a single online campaign for all your products and services has now become infinitely more complex. The possibilities for online campaigns are growing every year, while the target audiences are fragmenting across platforms. As a marketeer, how do you still keep an overview? And how do you prevent from spending too much?


Customized campaigns

At RIFF we help you with all your online campaigns. From organic to paid, from social media and videos to content marketing and email marketing. We create customized campaigns based on what your organization and target group need. By making smart use of your budget, we get the most out of your campaign budget and ensure maximum results.


Always keep the overview

Launching multiple campaigns simultaneously? With our smart tools and dashboards you always keep an overview of all active campaigns. Here you can also decide to pause a campaign temporarily and resume later.


Measurability & optimization

Not every campaign is the same. With our many years of experience we help you optimize each campaign, regardless of the platform or goals. That way you always achieve maximum results. In addition, we use A/B testing to analyze different variants of the same campaign. This way we discover what really works for your target audience and what doesn’t. Moreover, we are transparent: you get constant updates on the results in an easy and clear overview, fully aligned with your KPIs.

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