Do you want to stand out with online content, but the how is still a challenge? Do struggle to increase your brand awareness? Or are you not generating enough qualified leads? Our content marketing experts help you reach your clients with fascinating and original white papers, videos and blog posts.


The content plan: from buyer personas to strategy

How well do you know your target group? At RIFF we start by mapping your target audience and their content needs via a workshop. The outcome is a content plan tailored to each stage of your customers’ buying journey.


Editorial copywriting, video and social media

“I don’t have the time to write 3 blogs this month!” Steady content production is a heavy burden on your marketing department or content experts. That is why RIFF also offers the possibility to outsource the entire implementation of the campaign to our own copy writers. These content experts are specialized in both B2B and B2C. They write everything from fun blogs, engaging newsletters and smooth website texts to professional white papers. Are you looking for other types of content? Our creative team is ready to create video productions, webinars, animations and infographics. Our team of social media marketing experts and email marketing professionals can also be part of your content campaign.

Share white papers via content portals

RIFF manages its own professional content portals. Here you reach large groups of potential (B2B) customers with, among other things, white papers and blogs from our own editors.

Manage on your KPIs

A successful content campaign is about more than content. It is conversion that matters. With conversion optimization you ensure that your readers sign up for the next step. In addition, we also help you with lead nurturing of your B2B contacts. We follow up with individual leads from start to finish, resulting in highly qualified leads ready for your sales department to call.

Get started with content marketing
Bob Oord
Manager Content Marketing

Everyone wants appealing content that is well found by prospects and search engines. We help with landing pages, blogs, photos and videos so that your website is better found by people and machines. Do you want to know what we can do for your company? Contact me!

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