Data & Google analytics

Is your marketing driven by gut feeling or data-driven? At RIFF we give your marketing department more insight into the results of your channels, campaigns and website pages. This way you better assess the ROI of your marketing investments and discover what works for your customers.


Dashboards make data transparent

There is a fine line between collecting enough data and generating too much to comprehend. The amount of data provided by today’s tools can be overwhelming. The trick is to bring the data together in an clear overview. With our dashboarding tools we provide insight into your KPIs and real-time targets. Forget those large and slow Excel sheets. We give you clear dashboards that you share quickly and easily within your organization.


Google Analytics for professionals

Almost every website collects data via Google Analytics. You gain insight into website usage, visitor flows and page views. But: without context it is difficult to interpret. 2,000 visitors a month seems like a good number, until you hear that your competitor is hitting more than 5,000 a month. And where do those visitors mainly come from? Has your campaign really led to an uplift, or was there simply an increased demand for that product group? Our data analysts help you uncover new, and often surprising, insights. Moreover, we also look for areas for improvement in your website, so you can better tailor your website to your users.

Cross-device & cross-platform tracking

Previously an IP address or a tracking cookie was enough to follow a user. That is different now. Visitors surf to your website via different devices and browsers. This gives a distorted picture of your data. With our handy tools you can link this data to one individual user. This way you get maximum insight into every user.

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