Marketing strategy

Successful online marketing starts with a solid strategy. You’re dealing with a maze of available channels, resources and platforms to reach your target audience. That is precisely why data-driven marketing should be at the core of your campaigns. But how do you get started? That is where our experienced online marketing strategists come in. Working alongside you, we lay the foundation for successful e-commerce, lead generation or branding.

Data Exposes Behavioral Patterns

Online marketing based on gut feeling is gambling with your marketing budget. At RIFF, we trade this gut feeling for facts and data from our specialized tools. We zoom in on your intended target audience and uncover behavioral patterns. Using this data, we map the online customer journey of your typical customer. The more you know about the online journey of your potential customers, the better you can target them and craft your approach.


Realistic Action Points

Your campaign has the most impact if it quickly yields visible results and, moreover, is supported within your organization. For these reasons, we start at your targets and KPIs from which we derive action points and quick wins. Using an interactive strategic workshop, we involve your entire organization in this process, immediately increasing the support for your campaign.

The strategic workshop:
brainstorming with our experts

The input of your employees is essential for any good campaign. They know what works — and what doesn’t — better than anyone. Combined with the data and experience of our experts you get a solid foundation for a strategy that is supported by your entire organization.

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