As a sales manager, you expect your marketing team to generate enough leads. But what if the number of leads is not sufficient, or worse, you are not reaching the right people? RIFF helps B2B companies generate more and better qualified leads.


Actively generate leads with content marketing

The first step in successful lead generation is enticing potential customers to leave their details on your website. An email address in exchange for your expertise. By sharing white papers, reports and webinars you gather the contact details to start your conversation.


Increase the quality of your leads

But how do you find which leads are really qualified? Here too our content marketing experts can help. By nurturing leads with relevant content we quickly discover who is currently interested in your product or services. By mapping the needs of your potential buyers across their buyer journey, we can develop content to match each buying stage.


More exposure = more leads

To generate leads via content marketing, it is important that your content and company are clearly visible online. For this you have SEA (Search Engine Advertising), SEO (Search Engine Optimization), e-mail marketing or social media marketing at your disposal.

Content promotion via lead portals

RIFF hosts a range of lead portals, each with their own own specific audience and theme. Share your content on these portals via a newsletter or a direct mailing.

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