Marketing automation

Converting leads into sales is all about a steady follow-up. This is often a considerable challenge for marketing and sales teams, because who follows up on which leads? How do you gain insight into the status of each lead you have generated? The solution is Marketing Automation.


Keep an overview of new leads

RIFF is an official partner of HubSpot, one of the most advanced and user-friendly marketing automation tools available. When opting for HubSpot our experts help you with the technical implementation right up to the set-up of your first campaign.

Integrate your lead administration directly into your CMS systems

Make it even easier for yourself and integrate your marketing automation with other business applications such as your CMS and CRM system. This way you can publish landing pages for campaigns even faster, prepare targeted mailings and ensure your customer details are always up to date.

From cold lead to ready for your sellers

Is a lead still too cold for an appointment with sales? Then use HubSpot to set-up a customized campaign in which you nurture them for until they are qualified for the next step in your sales process.