Online advertising

Online advertising sounds easier than it is. There are countless types of advertisements, platforms and content shapes to choose from. As the official partner of the largest players in online advertising, RIFF is the perfect partner to help you grow. Our knowledge of latest trends and innovations allows us to provide an effective and customized campaign for every company in every industry.



Before you choose one or more platforms, you must first know which channels your target audience is on. Or rather, how they behave throughout the entire online customer journey. Based on our data we map behavioral patterns and recommend the platforms which are best for your campaigns.


Advertising with maximum results

At RIFF, advertising is about more than just placing ads. We continuously optimize campaigns to achieve the best results. Whether you want to advertise on a search engine (SEA), social media, marketplaces or via special display advertising; we keep a close eye on the outcomes and adjust where necessary. Moreover, we are transparent: you get constant updates on the results in an easy and clear overview, fully aligned with your KPIs.


Message and campaign types

At least as important as the reach of your advertisement is the content. Not all advertisements will directly generate sales. A platform where visitors mainly look for inspiration might be better for an awareness campaign. For branding purposes, inspiring potential customers with engaging content might be better. Our experts help you find the right message for each campaign. No time to create advertising content? Our own content production team can help you out.

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