Search engine advertising (SEA)

Organic reach via search engines has been considerably marginalized in the last five years. Advertising is a must. But what is the right strategy? How do you prevent spending far too much? Our marketing specialists work based on performance, ensuring your campaign always deliver enough at the bottom of the line.


Bidding on keywords

Depending on your bid for a keyword, you will be assigned an ad place. The higher the bid, the better the place. But is that coveted first place in the search result really the most effective? There is a particularly high chance that people who are ‘just’ looking will click on your (expensive) paid advertisement, but will not buy anything. Our SEA experts map all relevant keywords for your company or products. They show you which ad position is best for your keywords and campaigns, taking into account your turnover and costs. Once the campaign is running, our experts continue to monitor and optimize it. That way you always have the maximum reach for your advertising spend.


Google Shopping: the extension of your online store

Today’s consumers start comparing products and prices right in their search results. But advertising in Google Shopping is very different from keyword advertising, meaning the average campaign is much more difficult to optimize. RIFF is a premium Google partner, and thus Google Shopping holds little secrets for our experts, We help you set up customized campaigns with the highest possible return on investment.


Control over costs

When advertising in search engines you typically pay a small fee per click. But without monitoring there is always a danger that click rates or bid prices will suddenly rise sharply. This can increase costs to unprecedented heights. For example, what if you didn’t sell enough during your campaign or if your products are sold on tight margins? At RIFF we always look for the best investment per keyword/product compared to your profit margin. With continuous optimization, we reduce advertising costs and get the most out of every campaign.