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Ranking high in search engines often makes the difference between plenty of traffic to your website or very little at all. The algorithms of these search engines are constantly changing. Therefore, it is important to keep tweaking and optimizing your website. Fortunately, our experienced SEO specialists know all the ins and outs of search engine mechanics. Combined with your market knowledge we ensure optimal organic traffic to your website.


Under the hood: SEO technology

A technically robust website is the first secret behind a higher ranking. Our experts start by taking a look at the basic structure of your website, mapping out all technical SEO improvements. Don’t you have the time to discuss these action points with your website developer? Then leave it to us. Our experts engage directly with your developer to implement all technical issues and areas for improvement.


Keyword analysis & content

Search engines are there to answer to search behavior. Your brand and products need to show up on the relevant search terms used by your target audience. For this reason, we typically perform an extensive keyword analysis. In this analysis, we pay attention to search volumes, search intention, competition, value, advertising data and of course current trends. We then help you with (re)writing the content on your website to better match search behavior. In this process we do not limit ourselves to the text on your website; we also examine images, videos and page types.


Link building

How do you increase the organic position on relevant search terms and the relevance value for search engines? A useful strategy is generating links from external websites to your domain. Our SEO specialists set up a solid link building strategy and help you with implementation. Additionally, we can also help you with the creation of blogs, images, videos and infographics that are linked more often by websites with authority.


Location, location, location!

When generating page results, search engines not only look at the relevance of your content. Location is also an important factor. If the search query has a localized factor, the search results look very different. It is therefore important that all your location data is known to the search engine. Our SEO specialists are happy to help you optimizing your local website(s) and your Google My Business profile. This way, people in the area know how to find you even better.

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