Video & webinars

An image says more than 1,000 words. So, the average web video, which contains 15 frames per second, says more than 900,000 words. Videos and webinars are the way to reach your customers in a fun, interactive and surprising way. From a company and product film to fun videos for social media or a live webinar in our own studio: we have everything to put your company “in the spotlight”.


Video as a marketing tool

The use of video for commercial purposes is not new, but the applications have changed considerably in recent years. Do you want to entertain, inform or convince your target audience? Via which channel does your video perform best? Based on an extensive video data analysis, we make a targeted strategy for your campaign. This way we help you to get the most out of your video campaign.


Professional recording equipment and editing

Producing a nice video is one thing, but professional video requires a lot more. With our own video team, editors and audio experts, we can provide a fully professional production. We have experience with a wide range of film types: from nice shareable content for your social media and YouTube, to professional company and product videos, commercials and documentaries. Additionally, we help you create powerful instruction and explainer videos.


Webinar: a live online seminar

Videocalls and live streams are no longer an exception in the workplace. But how do you use this technology to generate qualified marketing leads? Webinars are the answer. By sharing your expertise in return for registration, you quickly discover new leads interested in your product or services.
Moreover, webinars are interactive: interested attendees can directly ask all their questions to your experts. You can even continue to generate leads after the original air date by hosting an on-demand replay.

Want to know more about our webinars? Go to our own platform to find more information and plenty of examples.

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Tijmen Duijzer
Business Manager Video

At RIFF we are not complicated about the costs of a webinar. You can already organize a webinar from 995 euros. Do you want to use 4 camera positions, our professional host and reminder emails? Then choose the full-service webinar for 1,395 euros. This is a complete service, you don’t need more.

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