Reports & dashboards

Reports, dashboards and analyses are both the first and the last step of a social media strategy. At RIFF, we measure the results of your social media activities, so that you can use these insights as input for tweaking your strategy.

Measuring results

Measuring results is one of the most important parts of a social media strategy, as the only way to find out to what degree your social media activities are actually contributing towards your objectives is by collecting and analyzing data. These insights will then show you what is working well and which points you can still improve on.

Reports & dashboards in practice

RIFF develops custom-made social media reports and dashboards. Our data analysts know exactly which information and data you need to answer all your questions,

allowing us to provide insight into your digital activities and their effectiveness. What volumes of incoming social media messages do you have to deal with and how can we explain peaks & troughs? How long do customers who send you a message on social media have to wait? What occupancy rate does your company need at what times to realize the desired service level? How does customer sentiment develop after customers are helped on social media? We can also use data to predict how digital engagement volumes will develop, resulting in improved forecasting and planning.

Analyzing your digital journey will also let RIFF make recommendations with regard to the key areas for improvement in your processes or services. In what phase of the customer journey do you get the most questions? And which product or topic draws the most complaints? What’s your company’s share of voice on social media compared to your competitors?

Looking to get started? We’re happy to help

At RIFF, we understand that data can be overwhelming. After all: what data do you need to answer your questions and which conclusions can you draw based on your data? Our data analysts are happily to take this off your plate. We analyze your data and make recommendations that let you take action right away.