Quick scans

The first step on the road to social media success is a relevant overview of the status quo. We will happily map out your activities and performance with a quick scan, helping you to identify social media opportunities for your company.

The first step towards social media success

If you’re looking for a concise overview of your current activities and performance on social media, a quick scan is the perfect solution. To improve your social media strategy, it’s important that you discover what’s going well, but also which opportunities you’re currently missing out on. On top of that, an analysis of your competitors will clearly show your strengths and your areas for improvement. 

Quick scans: what does RIFF do?

Our quick scans provide insight into your current channels, content and engagement, based on public data collected on your social media channels. We also include insights obtained through desk research. A scan looks at the following elements:

  • Your core values and target audience
  • Your current channels and followers
  • Your current content & potential opportunities
  • An evaluation of your current digital engagement efforts
  • A competition analysis

Looking to get started? We’re happy to help

Are you curious to find out how your company is currently doing on social media? Are you aware of the importance of a good social media strategy, but are you struggling to find out where to begin? We’ll gladly take a deep dive into your social media channels and provide you with specific insights.

Based on these insights, you can then develop a strategy and take concrete measures. Let’s get started with a quick scan!