Social listening

Social listening involves monitoring social media channels to find certain specific keywords. As soon as your brand, product, a competitor or another relevant topic is mentioned on social media, we are notified immediately.

Why opt for social listening?

If customer care is the new marketing, social listening is the new market research. At RIFF, we believe that companies that care about their customers, will also listen to their customers. What customers say about you on social media can offer a wealth of information, making social listening an essential component of each and every marketing strategy.

Social listening is a perfect way to collect insights, directly from the people who actively talk about your brand. This will tell exactly what’s happening and how people think and speak about you and your competitors. What’s the sentiment? What do customers really think of your products? What do your customers expect and to what extent do you meet these expectations?

These insights can then be used as input for strategy development, reputation management and product development. Most interestingly, however, you can also use engagement to respond directly to these conversations, ensuring optimal service and building true relationships with your customers.

Listening at RIFF

An important part of social listening is knowing what to listen to. At RIFF, we care about what’s important for you and your company, based on which we will set up comprehensive searches using social tooling.

This tooling will then start looking for relevant messages and conversations all over the web, from Facebook to online forums. As soon as your brand, product, a competitor or another relevant topic is mentioned , you are notified immediately.

Looking to get started? We’re happy to help

You now know what social listening is and why it’s an essential part of your online strategy. To find out what people are saying about your brand on social media, contact us!