Community management

Community management is more than just providing a service through social media webcare. Community management is all about creating valuable, fun interactions between your brand and your target audience.

Strong customer relationships and real fans

Strong relationships with your customers boost customer retention and loyalty, making them crucial for a successful business. Community management involves building and nurturing your community by engaging in personal, informal contact with your customers, reinforcing customer relationships and turning your customers into real fans. In addition, community management is the ideal way to express your brand personality, putting your brand’s image into practice.

Community management: what does RIFF do?

At RIFF, we believe that an optimal customer engagement strategy consists of a combination of service and community management. That is why we not only select our RIFF social media engagement specialists based on empathy and language skills, but also on creativity.

Creative moderation sees us develop original responses to the public messages that companies receive on Facebook and Instagram, for instance. We forget about response time for a while, freeing up the space needed to give free rein to creativity. This can result in creative responses, but may equally yield great ideas for content creation.

With this approach, we stimulate engagement within the community, but when fun customer interactions go viral, it can also help you reach people who are not yet members of your community.

Community management in practice

Curious about a practical example of RIFF community management? Check out our case for McDonald’swho we provide with community management and creative moderation services, among others.

Want to discover all our opportunities?

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