International engagement

Engagement in German, French, Portuguese or Italian? Not a problem at RIFF. We provide our social media engagement services in multiple languages, so that all your international customers can receive the personalized service they deserve.

Communicating with international customers

Every marketing professional will have heard the adage “speak your customer’s language” at some point in their career”, but if you have an international customer base, this is literally what you have to do. To be able to communicate effectively with your customers on social media, you have to learn to understand and speak their language. After all, providing personalized, high-quality services involves taking the customer’s needs & wishes into account and helping them as well as you possibly can, and language & culture have a major role to play.

That is why RIFF offers international engagement, allowing your company to be there for all your customers on social media.

International engagement: what does RIFF do?

RIFF provides high-quality customer engagement in various languages with a dedicated, customer-specific team. Companies with mid-level or variable volumes can also turn to our multi-client team.

We have mastered the following foreign languages:

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Italian

Other languages are also possible in consultation.

All our engagement specialists are native speakers, which not only means that they know the language like the back of their hand, but also that they can take cultural nuances and local norms & values into account. Thanks to these skills, they know exactly how to communicate with a wide range of target audiences and offer every single customer a pleasant, personalized experience. The majority of our specialists have native fluency in several languages and can switch quickly between the various languages spoken within a team.

Digital customer engagement quality is of paramount importance to us, regardless of the language. That is why we  provide quality monitoring and management services for all our foreign languages.

Are you ready for international engagement?

Ready to offer your customers a personal experience on social media thanks to experienced engagement specialists who speak their language and understand their needs & wishes? We would love to find out more about the languages we can speak with your customers!