Social Sales

Whereas digital engagement is about building strong relationships with your customers and prospects, social sales takes things one step further. Social sales uses these relationships to sell products via social media.

Support throughout the purchase process

Social media aren’t just a very suitable platform to provide services and engage in community management, but can also be used to sell your products. Answering questions on social media, for instance, can help you recognize potential customers. You can then make pro-active recommendations and support these prospects throughout the purchase process, just as a sales assistant would do in a brick & mortar store.

Social sales: what does RIFF do?

At RIFF, we’ll give you peace of mind by taking over all your social sales activities. This lets us train teams to recognize relevant leads and take appropriate action. For companies that are really ready to get serious about social sales, we can even go one step further. With social media tools, we can sell your products on channels such as Facebook Messenger.

Our engagement specialists are customer-oriented and sales driven. They are ready for your customers on social media and will support them from the orientation phase up to payment.

Want to discover all your opportunities?

Ready to sell your products or services on social media? We’re happy to sit down together and explore what RIFF social sales services could do for you!