Engagement team implementation

Implementing teams is what we do. We know what it takes to set up a successful digital engagement team (link to digital engagement team page) It’s important to consider strategic, tactical and operational aspects, whilst focusing on your brand, because the core task of our teams is protecting your reputation. That’s why we always work with the greatest possible accuracy.

Why engagement teams?

If you choose to set up a digital engagement team at RIFF’s offices in Amsterdam, the implementation phase will be the starting point for our partnership. However, if you’re looking to set up a new team on-site, RIFF can also help. With a detailed project plan, we will make sure that your team can start quickly and properly, equipped with the right tooling and fine-tuned with the right social media training.

The RIFF roadmap

Based on thorough research, we will find the right people for your digital engagement team. When putting together a team, RIFF selects creative, empathic, headstrong individuals who take their responsibility. We will take care of the screening process, so that we can make sure we find people who match the ideal profile for engagement officers for your brand. Our acceptance criteria are high and the process includes a final test to make sure all requirements are met.

We will also set up your social media tooling and integrate in the way that best suits your organization. RIFF uses a project management method for its implementations, guaranteeing on-schedule, high-quality implementations.

In broad terms, an implementation consists of the following steps:

  • Partnership coordination
  • Kick-off meeting, finalizing the draft plan
  • Drafting plan of approach, including schedule, goals, KPIs, roles & responsibilities
  • Webcare formula workshop
  • Recruiting and selecting engagement professionals
  • Setting up scheduling (in case of outsourcing)
  • Preparing social media training
  • Setting up location & IT
  • Training employees
  • Go live

Looking to get started? We are happy to help

At RIFF, we know that setting up a team requires a tailored approach. Which social media tooling will best suit your purpose? And what do your specialists need to know before you go live? Our consultants know exactly which questions to ask to set up and train a successful team, giving you the solid foundation you need.