Quality management

Quality is essential for optimal, successful digital engagement. With our tailored quality management services, we help companies lift their engagement efforts to a higher plane.

Why quality management?

High-level engagement is a complex affair: it’s important to pay attention to spelling and language, for instance, to maintain a professional image,

but tone of voice also plays an important role, as this lets you express your brand personality in your conversations on social media. With customer service, factors such as empathy and providing the right information and solutions are particularly important, but so is creativity. Paying attention to all these factors will let you create memorable interactions and long-term relationships with your target audience.

In order to guarantee the quality of your engagement efforts and truly reap the rewards, all these elements must be present. As such, structural quality management is essential for companies that take their digital engagement activities seriously.

Guaranteeing high quality

RIFF offers quality management services for both internal and external engagement teams in Dutch, English, French and German.

We use quality scans to gain insight into the quality of your engagement activities and to highlight aspects that require further attention. In a quality scan, a predetermined number of random messages is selected and assessed by specialists, based on certain KPIs, such as spelling, tone of voice, empathy, work process and other important aspects for your company and team. The scores on these KPIs are then visualized in a report,

which also contains sample messages with feedback, to showcase specific areas for improvement. Because we deliver this report on a weekly or monthly basis, we can also recognize improvement and identify trends, which means that quality scans can also serve as excellent input for engagement training sessions and workshops. On top of that, RIFF’s engagement specialists are given personal feedback and coaching through a quality management process, which helps them perfect their engagement skills. This approach lets us guarantee the high quality of all RIFF’s engagement activities.

Opt for high-quality customer contact with RIFF

Do you want to offer high-quality customer contact on social media and improve your team’s performance? One of our consultants will gladly look at your wants & needs and help you explore what RIFF quality management can do for you!