Tooling and implementation

We recommend using a social media tool to implement your social media strategy as efficiently and effectively as possible. RIFF is a partner of Salesforce, Sprinklr and Coosto and would gladly help you select the right tooling.

Social media to a higher plane

Social media tools help you streamline all your activities on social media, from planning and publishing content to customer engagement. These tools also collect data and provide relevant insights that will help you assess and improve on your current efforts.

Social media tooling is essential for all companies looking to lift their social media strategy and activities to a higher plane. The ability to manage various social media channels from one location and improved employee cooperation will boost efficiency. You can also use the conversation history and note-taking features of the tooling to offer all your customers a personalized experience.

Tooling & implementation: Coosto, Sprinklr & Social Studio

As a customer contact service partner specializing in social media, RIFF has worked on over 50 implementation projects with various platforms, including Coosto, Sprinklr and Salesforce Social Studio. Not all social media tools are suited to all companies or teams. We will help you select a fitting tool, tailored to your objectives and the size of your social media team. The tool will be implemented by a certified consultant. After thorough research, we will integrate and set up the tool in the way that’s best for your company. We will also train your employees and support the teams using the tool.

Need advice on selecting the right tooling?

Ready to get serious about social media and build real customer relationships with the help of a suitable social media tool? One of our consultants will gladly look at your wants & needs and help you explore what we can do for you!