Engagement team training

We don’t just train teams when we start new engagement projects; we do so all the time. Whether they’re responding to new market developments or product launches; our teams are always moving forward.

Why opt for engagement training?

Building a strong team is an absolute prerequisite for successful, effective social customer contact projects. Social media training will not just help you get engagement professionals ready for a new project and a new engagement team, but will also guarantee high quality.

Engagement team training: what does RIFF do?

RIFF has ample experience in training engagement specialists. We have developed a special methodology for recruiting and managing employees. All social media training sessions are tailored to your specific needs & wishes, but will always contain the following elements:

  • Your company’s strategy and brand values
  • Objectives & mottos of webcare
  • Tone of voice
  • Rules of engagement
  • Working with tooling

After the training, we use a so-called buddy system, which sees the specialists receive one-on-one supervision and coaching before they start working independently.

Naturally, we can also provide specific training sessions on working with social tools such as Social Studio, Sprinklr or Coosto. We can also organize dedicated Social Sales training sessions (link to Social Sales page).

Get to know the RIFF method

Training engagement teams is what RIFF does day in, day out. We can safely say that we have our very own RIFF method. To benefit from our expertise, please contact us.