A/B testing

A/B testing is the ideal way to test several versions of the same web page in a practical setting, in order to find out which versions yield the best results. These test pages are developed by a usability specialist, based on hypotheses derived from research results. Thanks to special software, the page that is shown to visitors can be alternated, whilst tracking which page has the highest conversion rate: version A or version B. Hence the name.


The major advantage of A/B testing is that users are unaware of the fact that they are taking part in a test, which means they will not modify their behavior accordingly. As such, any information provided by A/B testing can be considered objective. This testing method also has various other advantages:

  • Gradually improving your website
  • Testing several versions of a web page in a practical setting and collecting statistical information about their performance
  • Reducing the risk of negative affects by testing potential changes first

Do you want to get started with A/B testing?

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