Card sorting and tree testing

Do you ever feel that visitors struggle to find the right information on your website? Or do you have such a multitude of categories and products that you don’t know how to create a logical menu structure? We use card sorting and tree testing to optimize your website’s menu structure. We often carry out SEO keyword research first, so that your site structure won’t just optimize organic findability, but findability for visitors too.


Card sorting for a logical menu structure

Card sorting is a proven technique to help you discover how people interpret and categorize information. You can use the results to  categorize and label your website content in such a way that your target audience will best understand it.


In a card sorting session, we ask respondents to physically or digitally move around the elements of a website. Printing a website’s categories and pages on cards, and then sorting these cards gradually – and playfully – leads to a clear-cut structure. Which pages fit best with which main menu heading? And in what order?


Tree testing to test your menu structure

In a tree test, you try to find out whether your menu structure is logical or not. For this purpose, we upload the menu structure into an online tool, which works like a tree diagram that initially only shows participants the highest level, the main menu.  Participants are asked to look for certain information by following as logical a path as possible through the various headings. This lets us gain insight into whether visitors can actually find the information they are looking for. If they can’t, the path they do take can show us how we could improve the menu structure.


Ultimately, these tests will give you a number of suggestions regarding the structure of your website and its menus, in an order that’s tailored to your target audience.


Looking to optimize your menu structure?

Do you want to know whether your menu is properly structured and how it can be improved? Ask our experts. RIFF facilitates respondent recruitment and testing and provides advice to help you tailor your menu structure to your target audience. Feel free to contact us.