Click Maps – Heat Maps


What do my visitors do when they visit a page? Where do they click? How do they move their mouse over my content? Website interaction tests can help you answer all these questions.

Heat Maps & Click Maps in Hotjar

Hotjar is a well-known tool for generating heat maps. Installing Hotjar on your website will let you track your visitor’s mouse movements, scrolls and clicks. This data will give you valuable insight into your visitors’ behavior, plotted in a map filled with ‘hot’ (popular) and ‘cold’ zones.

Discover exactly what your visitors are doing

Want to take things a step further? Hotjar lets you recordeach and every visit to your website, allowing you to look over your visitor’s shoulder to see where they click and where they drop out. This is unique information that can be used to optimize your website!

Want to discover how visitors browse your website?

Please contact our conversion specialists to find out more about implementing Hotjar on your website and about interpreting the results.