In-depth interviews

What do visitors expect when they visit your website? What information do they want to find quickly and what is less important? Unfortunately, Google Analytics doesn’t have all the answers… sometimes, you’ll need in-depth interviews to take the next step.

Talk to your visitors

For real insight into what your visitors want, you’ll have to sit down with them for a simple face-to-face about their wishes, annoyances and online experiences. Regardless of how carefully you’ve developed your digital strategy, direct contact will always generate unique insights that reports and graphs simply won’t.

At RIFF, we can conduct these interviews separately as a way to give you greater insight into your target audience, but we often include them into a broader customer journey or persona study.

Conducting in-depth interviews

If you love the idea, but haven’t a clue about how to organize them, ask our experts. RIFF will facilitate the respondent recruitment process, help you develop a sound list of questions, conduct the interviews, and report on the outcome. A perfect way to see if your ideas and presumptions were correct, and the ideal foundation for continued optimization.