Expert Review

Does my website have a logical layout? Can visitors quickly find what they’re looking for? Is it clear what visitors have to do on every page to continue? These are the questions that our Expert Review will answer.

From click to conversion

Sending visitors to a website where they won’t stay for very long is a costly affair, especially if you’re in a competitive market, where clicks command a hefty price. In that case, a user-friendly website that smoothly guides users to a purchase or a request for contact is just as important as a sound online advertising strategy.

What is an Expert Review?

Curious to find out how you can improve your website? Let our experts help you. An Expert Review consists of a comprehensive analysis of your website’s user-friendliness, carried out by our conversion specialists.

Typically, this analysis will be the first step in a conversion optimization process. Based on usability heuristics and standards  , our experts highlight specific areas of ambiguity or increased drop-out risk. In any case, we will look at:

  •         The overall layout;
  •         The structure of the website;
  •         Text content and design;
  •         How links are displayed;
  •         Form design;
  •         The order or request process;
  •         The search function.

What does it get you?

For each of these elements, we will provide specific advice on areas of improvement. Any bottlenecks are clearly grouped, ranked by priority, and subdivided into sub-projects, so that you can start working on them right away. You will receive an advisory report, containing:

  •         A summary of the key bottlenecks and suggestions for improvement, with clear supporting visuals.
  •         An optimization plan with a list of all bottlenecks, ranked by priority;
  •         Detailed sub-projects and proposals for (a/b) tests to gradually improve the website.

Want to find out more about our Expert Reviews?

Would you like to know more about what an Expert Review can do for your website? Are you curious to find out what our conversion specialists can do for your website? Please feel free to contact us.