On-site Surveys

What do visitors really think of your website? Do they like your new homepage? No idea? Ask them, with on-site surveys!

On-site feedback

On-site feedback tools are an ideal way to  easily ask your visitors what they think of your website, or certain parts of your website. Small pop-ups with simple questions can help you quickly collect data about the needs & wishes of your  target audience.

Exit survey and other triggers

There are various times at which you can ask your visitors questions. An exit survey, for instance, is triggered when someone leaves your website, as this is a good time to ask people why they are leaving and what the purpose of their visit was. However, it can also be useful to ask specific questions on and about particular pages, such as the thank you page (Was there anything that raised doubts?) or at the end of a blog (Did you find all the information you were looking for?).

What does it get you?

On-site feedback can help you obtain many useful insights, such as:

  • Usability issues
  • Reasons to leave the website
  • Issues in the process
  • Different visitor segments
  • Potential product improvements
  • Visitors’ questions

This input can help you track bugs and other issues on your website and gain more insight into your visitors. We condense the outcomes of these surveys into specific recommendations and ideas for a/b tests, as part of the full optimization plan.

On top of that, these surveys can help you optimize content and filters, which will, in turn, help you optimize organic findability. This is why on-site surveys are a popular element of SEO sprints, serving as inspiration for keyword studies and helping you find out which specific keywords your target audience uses.

Getting started with on-site surveys

RIFF is happy to help you install the tool, develop the right questions and provide reports on your on-site surveys. Contact us for more information!