Usability testing

Usability Test with eye-tracking

Finding out what visitors get up to on your website and what they really think about your website is becoming easier every day. Analytics, heat maps and on-site surveys provide a great deal of unique insight into your visitors’ behavior. To find out what they mutter when they’re behind their computer, whether they browse your website with a smile or a frown, and what causes the issues they encounter, you need a Usability Test.

What is a Usability Test?

To carry out a Usability Test, we invite various individuals from your target audience to the RIFF Lab, where they are asked to carry out a series of tasks on your website with their laptops or mobile phones, such as buying a product or contacting your  support department. In the meantime, we ask them to think out loud, giving us insight into which things they notice and may be different than they had expected, for instance.

Recordings with eye-tracking

During this study, we use special software, which doesn’t just let us record what the participants do on their screens and what their faces and mouths tell us, but also lets us track their eye movement. This gives us insight into which parts of your website people look at and which parts they don’t look at, helping you identify the potential source of a problem.


These studies typically take place in our RIFF lab in Den Bosch, in which the conversion consultant and participant are in separate rooms. Customers can monitor the study from yet another room, to get a better sense of how people behave when visiting their website. 

Should your target audience not live near Den Bosch, it is also possible to carry out Usability Tests at other locations.

What does a Usability Test tell you?

These studies often reveal lots of issues that the test subjects struggle with and, more importantly, give us information about the causes. All points for improvement are included in an optimization plan after the study is concluded, along with a list of practical recommendations to help solve problems or ideas for a/b tests, ranked by priority. We will also give a presentation, explaining the key bottlenecks by means of screenshots and video clips.

Looking to get started with usability testing?

Do you want to know which problems your website visitors encounter? Or are you curious about what our conversion specialists could do for your website? Please feel free to contact us.