Cross-device tracking

There are lots of ways to visit a website nowadays, ranging from ‘ancient’ computers & laptops, to our smartphones, which are already the largest source of online traffic in many countries around the world. However, we can also use tablets, watches, cars, smart TVs or game consoles. Briefly put: devices abound.

Multiple devices, one visitor

So how can website owners determine which visits, and which devices, can be traced back to the individual owners of those devices? How can I track people, rather than their various devices?

What is cross-device tracking?

This is where cross-device tracking comes into play. Cross-device tracking is an online data-analysis technique that involves associating several devices with a single end user. The most commonly used method is placing cookies, which lets you track users by means of a unique user ID. Naturally, users have to accept these cookies first, which can form an obstacle. Luckily, there are also plenty of smart tools that use algorithms to assign distinct visits to the same person.

What will cross-device tracking let me do?

The results of cross-device tracking can give you insight into the actual duration of a purchase process, for instance, but also whether your users use different devices for orientation and research than for actually paying for your product or service. All of this can be valuable input to help you optimize your website design and draw up an ideal online strategy.

Looking to track people rather than devices?

If you want to start working with cross-device tracking, but simply don’t know where to begin, contact our analytics experts to discover how cross-device tracking will help you take the next step.