If you’re looking for a way to accurately map your online marketing performance, we recommend using dashboards. RIFF works with various dashboarding tools, so we’ll always be able to find a dashboard to help answer your specific question. Whether you need a strategic, analytical, operational or informative dashboard, we’ll help you on your way!

The purpose of dashboards: overview and focus

Today’s online marketing professionals or managers are inundated with data. Large quantities of data from a wide range of sources can make it challenging, or even impossible, to monitor online marketing performance and make sound decisions. RIFF’s dashboards help you get to the core of the matter. Say goodbye to an overload of data separated by a host of different systems, and welcome the information you really need, available at a glance.

Tooling & implementation: Google Datastudio, Tableau, Power BI and Geckoboard

As a full-service digital agency, we can meet all your dashboarding & reporting needs and wishes. Depending on your specific information needs, we will select a suitable dashboard system or data visualization tool.

Google Datastudio excels in flexibility and applicability and thanks to its continuous development, it’s the premier tool for monitoring your website and online marketing performance. Smart links let you combine online and offline data sources, condensing all the data you need into a single dashboard.

Just like every other piece of software, Google Datastudio has its limits. For in-depth analyses and processing and analyzing Big Data (combined with AI and modeling), Power BI and Tableau should be preferred. Both are powerful BI tools that process, enrich and visualize complex data, giving you access to information that can be applied at any level.

For real-time performance monitoring, RIFF will gladly help you set up a Geckoboard dashboard. By deploying real-time KPI dashboards for your customer service, marketing or sales department, you’ll always be up to date with what’s happening.

Advice on selecting the right tooling?

Are you ready to get serious about dashboarding and analyses that will really contribute to achieving your online and offline objectives? One of our consultants will gladly look at your wants & needs and help you explore what we can do for you!