Digital analytics

Data analysis

Measuring is knowing. And there’s a lot you can measure nowadays. Every online view, click or conversion generates an enormous amount of data that’s begging to be analysed. So how do you know what to measure and what not to measure? How do you transform all this data into information that you can actually use? Welcome to the world of dashboarding, analysis and attribution.

Data interpretation

RIFF’s experts are ready to interpret your data, using state-of-the art technologies and algorithms, linked to handy dashboarding tools. From exploratory analyses to help discover correlations in datasets to cleaning and enriching data with AI and first and third-party datasets. RIFF will lift the quality of your data analyses to a higher plane.

Context and returns

Our end product consists of more than just anonymous dashboards and graphs: at RIFF, everything’s about context and return on investment. How will I recoup my investment in marketing? And which adjustments should I make to maximize results? Every stakeholder, from board member to website builder, is given the results they need for maximum success.

Discover our data analysis solutions:

  • Conversion attribution – which touchpoint had what impact?
  • Cross-device tracking – track people, rather than devices
  • Dashboarding – all your KPIs in one place

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