Tool implementation

There are various tools to help you successfully execute your online marketing strategy. Using several tools at the same time, however, may affect the speed of your website and the reliability of your tools. RIFF provides support in the implementation of various web-based and local tools and DMPs to limit their affect on your website and reduce the vulnerability of the tools in question.

The right tools implemented properly

Online Advertising tools, Analysis tools and Web Personalization tools come in all shapes and sizes. To use all these tools, you need to place various snippets of codes and pixels on your website. RIFF will make things easier for you, or even take care of all your tool implementations, by using Google Tag Manager.

RIFF also has experience in implementing DMPs (Data Management Platforms) such as Tealium and Squeezly.

Tooling recommendations

Almost all tools can be added to your website with a Tag Management System, without having a developer hard-code them into your site. This reduces the risk of complications and tracking issues, increases flexibility and boosts user-friendliness in the implementation process. There’s an enormous number of online marketing tools out there, and new ones are added every day. RIFF will help you make the right choice and support or take care of the entire implementation process.

Need advice on selecting the right tooling?

Ready to get serious about your online marketing efforts with the very best tools? One of our consultants will gladly look at your wants & needs and help you explore what we can do for you!