Advertising external market places

Advertising on Marktplaats

There are myriad ways to go about online advertising, and advertising on Marktplaats is one of them. Since Marktplaats was founded in 1999, it has grown to become one of the most visited websites in the Netherlands, boasting more than six million unique monthly visitors. It is likely that some of these visitors also belong to your target audience, looking for interesting offers and bargains.

Admarkt: the premier online platform for business-related advertising

Admarkt is Martkplaats’ online platform for business-related advertising, based on an advertising system similar to Google AdWords. One of the major advantages of advertising on Martkplaats is that Markplaats visitors have an intent to buy, which does not apply to everyone submitting a search on Google. Advertising on Marktplaats can be a great addition to your company’s online marketing strategy, and RIFF can help you out. Our SEA specialists will happily help you set up and  optimize your Admarkt ads.

Advertising on Beslist is the largest shopping center in the Netherlands. Here, you’ll be able to find absolutely anything you want, from couches and trampolines to flat-screen TVs. On Beslist, you can compare products, prices and online shops, helping you determine where you can best buy the product you’re looking for. Two major advantages of Beslist are that you will only be dealing with visitors who are looking to buy and that the costs are generally lower than for Google Adwords, which means advertising on Beslist can be a very interesting option.

We will do our Bestest to help you advertise on Beslist.

At RIFF Digital Marketing, we are happy to help you explore your options on Beslist and, ultimately, to help you advertise. We can deliver products through a product feed, which can be optimized to boost returns from Beslist. Naturally, you want to know what advertising on Beslist is doing for your business, which we can measure for you based on URL tagging in Google Analytics.