Automation Scripts

In order to monitor, optimize, set up and expand your advertising campaigns as effectively and efficiently as possible, we use automation tooling. RIFF works with advanced tools to optimally manage your online advertising campaigns.

Efficient online advertising campaign management

Automation scripts help manage online advertising campaigns and use alerts to notify you of how your campaigns are performing. On top of that, automation scripts implement efficient optimizations and can help you develop custom solutions to all your advertising issues.

Automation scripts are an essential component of structural advertising management and will help you respond to available data even more effectively.

Application & implementation

As a progressive digital marketing agency, RIFF has successfully deployed automated scripts for almost 200 customers and has already developed many custom-made solutions.

By using automation scripts and the underlying tooling, RIFF can manage advertising campaigns based on the weather, or any other data that may affect your online performance. In addition, this approach lets us ensure that dynamic variables in your ads, such as price, availability and discounts are always up to date, but also allows us to effortlessly set up campaigns for thousands of products at once. We will help you develop relevant alerts for your advertising campaigns and would love to contribute our ideas on your automation & advertising issues.

Looking for advice to help automate your advertising?

Ready to get serious about automating your advertising campaigns, either partially or fully? Need help developing relevant alerts for your advertising campaigns? Or are you faced by a complex issue that requires a custom automation solution? One of our advertising consultants will gladly look at your needs & wants to explore what we can do for you!