Brand advertising

Well-designed products or services do not guarantee success. Companies must create unique experiences and craft a memorable, reliable profile by capturing consumers’ attention and building long-term relationships with them. In order to achieve this, we recommend brand advertising.

What is brand advertising?

Brand advertising is used to connect your company to consumers and to build strong, long-term relationships with them.

Companies that engage in brand advertising try to achieve positive brand recognition in the long term by developing their brand identity, credibility and loyalty, whilst seeking to get in touch with potential customers at an intellectual and emotional level, spurring them on to take action in the future.

The difference between brand advertising and direct response advertising

Direct response advertising: this type of marketing is also known as performance marketing. Such campaigns typically provide a great deal of insight into performance, and have higher conversion rates and ROI. The most popular channels for direct response advertising are Google Search and Google Shopping.

Brand advertising: traditional marketing focuses on channels such as TV, radio, billboards, newspapers and magazines. For online marketing, typical channels include display, video, social media and retargeting. Brand advertising typically involves working on brand recognition, rather than prompting customers to carry out a specific action. Advanced systems are used to measure exactly how often and where ads,

such as display or video ads, were shown. The purpose of these ads is not necessarily to generate traffic for a website. Rather, their purpose is to generate views and reach, making your brand visible to more people, and ensuring that they remember it. The purpose of brand advertising is visibility, making a good impression, building strong relationships and, ultimately, increasing demand for the brand.

How can brand advertising add value to your company?

Brand advertising campaigns can be of tremendous added value to your company. The more consumers are aware of your brand, the greater the chance that they will trust the brand and prefer it instead of other competing brands. This, in turn, will make them more inclined to take action when they see a performance-based ad in the future.

RIFF’s Brand Advertising channels

  • Google Ads Display
  • DoubleClick programmatic display
  • Premium Display Advertising
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Snapchat
  • Retargeting

Add brand marketing to your marketing strategy

Including brand marketing in your general marketing strategy is an investment in the future of your company. Compared to direct response adverts, it’s more of a long-term strategy, but if it is implemented properly, it can give your company a great edge over your competitors.

By combining brand advertising and direct response advertising, your brand can generate an immediate ROI whilst also working on future conversions. Ready to get serious about your brand and building long-term relationships? One of our consultants will gladly look at your wants & needs and help you explore what we can do for you!