Display Advertising

Display Advertising is a very useful tool in the awareness phase. Increase your visitor numbers, make the most of your attribution value and use retargeting to boost your website’s conversion rate.

Be visible where it counts

Do you want to add valid users to your website traffic? Introduce users to your products and service? And also increase your brand awareness? In that case, Display Advertising is just what you’re looking for. Display Advertising is a perfect way to achieve all these goals through ads and banners on YouTube, video and otherwise.

The effect of display advertising

At RIFF, we primarily use Display Advertising during the awareness phase, which involves approaching users via display channels or YouTube, which will direct more valid traffic towards your website. In addition, display will reinforce your other online efforts by visually triggering users, which familiarizes users with your brand and prompts them to visit your website through other channels as well. We call this effect the ‘post-view attribution value’ and it supports your other online and offline efforts.

Display Advertising is also an interesting way to approach users who have already visited your website by means of retargeting. This involves approaching users who have reached a certain ‘goal’ on your website, such as adding a product to their cart or viewing an X number of pages, without being converted. Retargeting gives a considerable boost to conversion rates.

Want to direct more valid traffic towards your website?

Are you convinced that Display Advertising can help you reach new potential customers? Bannering and YouTube videos will let you reach users who cannot be reached through other channels. To find out more, contact one of our advertising consultants.