DoubleClick Programmatic

If you want to be as effective as possible during the awareness phase and are looking to support your other online efforts, we recommend using DoubleClick Programmatic for your display ads. DoubleClick Programmatic gives you access to a sea of inventory on premium websites across the globe.

Real-Time Bidding

DoubleClick Programmatic lets you take a targeted approach to reach the right audience with Display. Through RTB (Real-Time Bidding), you can make sure that a display ad is shown at just the right time for each website placement. By setting the right indicators, such as age, gender or interest, you can approach users as relevantly as possible.

DV360, CM, Studio

At RIFF, we use DoubleClick Video 360, Campaign Manager and Google Studio. These platforms are particularly useful because they reinforce each other, with DoubleClick Video 360 in charge of purchasing, Campaign Manager dealing with trafficking and segmentation and Google Studio taking care of dynamic creation. Because these platforms can share data with each other, you can maximize returns on your media efforts.

Want to get started with DoubleClick Programmatic?

Are you ready to start connecting with the right users and take a targeted approach to introducing new products and/or services? Feel free to contact one of our consultants.