Google Shopping

Google Shopping is the go-to medium to show your products, along with an image and the price, in Google. Shopping campaigns now let you show the products you offer in your online store and physical store to an enormous audience. Compared to text ads, Shopping has a major advantage: the results contain images, making them stand out more than standard text adverts. Besides, it’s very easy to make separate ads for all your products!

Feeds and Merchant Center

A key precondition is that you set up a Shopping feed in your Merchant Center, which specifies various product properties that make each product unique. Google also needs these properties in order to add your products to the Google shopping overview. The properties that matter most to Google and your customers include the price, brand and product description. Naturally, which product specifications your customers will consider important differs per product. If you have a good product feed, you can also use it for various comparison websites, in addition to Google Shopping.

Google Shopping campaigns

Once you have got your feed in order, you can get started with Google Shopping campaigns. All that’s left is optimization, guaranteeing great, profitable results. There are various ways of doing this, but the most effective optimization involves setting up your bids properly and specifying for which search terms you do and do not want to be included in Google’s search results.

Need help with Google Shopping?

RIFF’s SEA specialists will gladly help you configure your Google Shopping field and optimize the profitability of your Shopping campaigns. Contact us for more information!