Customer Journey Mapping

Which phases are there in the journey from visitor to customer? Which touchpoints occur even before people end up on your website and which information is relevant in which phase? And on which channel can you best provide it? You’ll find the answer in a customer journey, describing the road someone takes from being a visitor to a customer.

The stages of a purchase process

If your journey begins when people first visit your website, you’ll have missed a few steps. It is important to tempt and coax potential customers even before they know they may be interested in your product or service. This is also known as the SEE phase: you’re looking to capture the attention of a wide audience. As soon as someone starts to consider whether your product or service may be interesting for them, they’ll have reached the THINK phase. This phase will take place on your website, but also on competing websites and blogs.

When someone decides to purchase your product or service, they’ll have moved on to the DO phase. In this phase, the information you provide on your website and its user-friendliness are key. If potential customers experience obstacles during this phase, there is a significant chance that they will opt for your competitor instead. If, however, they make a purchase, you’ll have gained another customer. Fantastic! It’s very important to be aware that the journey doesn’t stop there. Naturally, you want your customers to return or to recommend your website to their friends & family. That’s why a good CARE phase is an essential part of the process and an integral part of the customer journey.

The goal of a customer journey and personas 

A carefully designed, quantifiable customer journey can help you get to know your customers and will let you tailor your communications to your customers’ wants & needs. It’s an essential prelude to more personalized, optimized messages that boost conversion rates.

Want to get started with your customer journey?

A customer journey is the summary of a huge amount of input, such as sales data, current conversion data, social media messages, customer questions, in-depth interviews with your customers and surveys. Adding qualitative insight from your employees, we’ll combine all data into a single, specific document detailing the behavior, wishes & uncertainties of your customer, broken down into distinct phases of the purchase and aftercare process.

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