Digital Marketing Roadmap

A roadmap is an indispensable tool to improve your focus. A roadmap provides a sense of structure and lets you set priorities to achieve your goals with greater efficiency. Continue reading to find out how to develop a digital marketing roadmap.

Start with search results

It is important that you base your roadmap and milestones on the outcome of your studies & research, as this will determine what you should focus on. Which customer data does your organization still need? Which audience will you be targeting online and what content do you need? Does your website meet the needs of your target audience? The answers to these questions, along with your priorities, will determine their position in the roadmap.

Next, it’s important that you make your roadmap specific. Briefly put: which specific actions are required to help you achieve these milestones? Does the current infrastructure allow you to carry out these actions? And how much time will you have to invest?

You then incorporate this information in an overview, specifying and scheduling activities for weeks, months and quarters, along with the owners of said activities. During interim updates and monthly meetings, you discuss progress and determine where adjustments need to be made.

Looking for help with your marketing roadmap?

You don’t have to draw up your digital marketing roadmap all by yourself. Feel free to contact us: we’re happy to help.